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Inspiring the next generation of inventors

Since the inception of the program in 2014, we have expanded to different regions of the United States and created a network of Thinkabit Lab sites at schools, universities, libraries and other organizations. Together we have inspired more than 65,000 students to be the next generation of inventors and engineers.


Qualcomm® Thinkabit Lab™ is creating the next generation of inventors

Inspiring the next generation of thinkers and makers is the mission of the Qualcomm® Th

Shared Priorities: Corporate Support for the Michigan Engineering Zone

Companies and campuses both recognize the need for a diverse talent pool in STEM fields

‘Agxcellent’ Projects: Ag Tech Camp at Qualcomm State-of-the-art lab

Students from both Porterville High Schools and Porterville College are participating i

Virginia Tech and Qualcomm bring STEM-education to Roanoke Region

Sixth-grade students from the Roanoke region have the opportunity to spend an inspiring

Qualcomm cares about contributing to a successful, robust, diverse and expanding pool of talent in STEM fields.


Our partnership with Qualcomm has been the strongest, most successful business partnership I've worked with. It is an honor to work with you and your team, and it is exciting to be spreading engineering across the county.

— Sarah Motsinger, Principal
Feaster STEAM Charter in Chula Vista


Learning Center

The Thinkabit Lab team has provided a sample of both career exploration and hands-on engineering activities for you to use in your own classroom, home, or organization.

The Learning Center is open to teachers and adults with an email and provides activities that can be used independently or with a group of students. Be sure to download the getting started guide first.

Visit the Learning Center
  • Career Exploration Activities
  • A guide to Getting Started with Arduino
  • LED Activities
  • Servo Activities
  • Sensor Activities
  • Troubleshooting guide
  • Plus, videos for several of the activities that you can watch and use with students.