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Getting started with a microcontroller

Please read through the "Getting Started" document for an introduction to using microcontrollers and a list of materials required to complete coding activities.

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Coding Activities


LED Circuit

Learn how to use an Arduino as a power source to build an LED circuit.

LED Blink

Learn to wire a circuit, upload code to an Arduino board to get an LED Blink, and ...


In this activity you will use an LED to send messages by using Morse code.

Multiple LEDs

Learn to connect and write code to control multiple LEDs.



Learn how to connect a Servo motor to the Arduino and write code to control the mo...

Servo Sweep

Learn to connect a Servo and upload example code that will make it move in a sweep...

2 Servos

Learn to connect and write code to control two Servos.

LED + Servo

Learn to wire and write code to control a Servo and an LED at the same time.


The "Troubleshooting" document is comprised of common errors and how to fix them.




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